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The International Committee for Museums and Collections of Decorative Arts and Design (ICDAD) will start the elections for the board after our Annual Assembly, taking place this year of 2019 at ICOM Triennial Conference in Kyoto (1-7 September 2019)

Find all the information as a printable pdf file.

All ICDAD members wishing to be considered for the positions of ICDAD Chair or Board member are encouraged to submit the following information:

  1. Name and personal data including:
    • Address
    • ICOM membership number (payment of 2019 membership fees is mandatory)
    • Current professional affiliation or independent status
    • Photograph
  2. A brief biography/CV (up to 200 words)
  3. Position you are interested in: chair or board member
  4. A statement (up to 200 words) describing why you are interested in the position and what you would like to accomplish.

Please send your application to Closing date for candidacies at 30th September.

The candidatures will be publicized on ICDAD website ICDAD Facebook and disclosed by email to all ICDAD members.

Voting month November 2019.;.

The nominations will be disclosed in the middle December.

The 2019 ICDAD elections are led by a committee of ICDAD members NOT being part of the Board and NOT running for a Board membership themselves.

Elections Procedure 2019 and Timetable

  • A new Board is elected every three years during or after the ICOM triennial conference.
  • The Elections 2019 team consists of:
    • Rosita Nenno Board member
    • Maria José Tavares ICDAD Secretary
  • All the work of the Election working team is monitored by two ICDAD members, NOT being part of the Board and NOT running for a Board membership themselves.
    In 2019 this monitoring is done by Rainald Franz and another member to be confirmed.
  • The Board includes 8 members: a President and SEVEN other members, among which the Board chooses one Vice President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and four counselors.
  • For certain tasks that require special competences and / or continuity, the Board may add so-called co-opted members.  The number and the functions of these members depend on the decision of the president, who takes advice from the Board.

Timetable - the voting procedure includes the following steps

Step 1: Nomination of candidates August/September  2019

All members are informed and invited to run for a position in the Board within the specific deadline to submit candidacy.

All members are kindly requested to make sure they are registered as members (ICOM membership number required), so that they can vote.

Applications can be sent electronically to

Use the application form requests.
September 30th 2019 Closing date for candidacies.

Step 2: Voting call October  2019

All members receive a call to vote by email.
All information on candidates and the voting procedure will be available on the ICDAD-website.

Step 3:  Voting

November = voting month!
Every voting member can vote electronically through email to:

Every member can vote only once, choosing one Candidate running for President and 7 candidates for the board.

Step 4: Counting the votes

First half of December. Election Committee will check the validity of the votes and reports the results of the valid votes to the ICDAD board and the candidates.

Step 5: Results

Midlle December. The voting results and the new ICDAD-Board are presented to the members through the regular communication channels.

Step 6: Installation  of the new Board

Board Meeting January 2020. Official installation of the new ICDAD Board.Approval of proposed co-opted members.